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Who We Help

Just because you haven’t experienced trauma doesn’t mean you should just suck it up because other people have it worse than you.  There are many things that can occur throughout our life that might cause us to feel anxious, depressed, angry, or cause mood disorders.


Maybe you’re feeling a little blue lately and you can’t quite snap out of it or there’s been a big change in your life, graduating, starting a new job, or a recent move and you’re having trouble adapting.  Life happens and sometimes we need to talk to someone about it.

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We Can Help You With Any Of The Following

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Anxiety and Phobias

Relationship Difficulties

Sexual Abuse

Life Transitions

Difficulties with Self-Esteem

Eating Issues

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD

Professional/Career Issues

College/Graduate School Issues

Medical and Health Concerns

Pain Management

Gender Identity Support


Medical and Health Concerns

Pain Management 

Stress Management

Sexual Abuse

LGBT Counseling

Grief, Loss, or Bereavement

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We Are An LGBTQ Ally!

Gay Couple with Daughter

Accepting, or exploring, your sexuality can be, at the same time, an exciting and extremely scary experience.  Any time we go against the status quo there’s going to be someone out there trying to rain on our parade and bring us down.


Coming out, whether it’s to a family, a few close, friends or the world at large can be a difficult decision to make and you don’t have to navigate it alone.


From help managing anxiety or depression that might come along with your choice of partner to helping you grow into the most beautiful version of yourself and even navigating relationships, we’re here to stand by you through it all.


For our transgendered friends or those considering a gender confirming journey, we have experience and specialized knowledge to help navigate everything from changing your driver’s license to what to expect and how to prepare for Hormone Replacement Therapy.  


We’ll be there every step of the way and long after as you transition into the new you.

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