Katie Huskey, LCSW, Owner

Living through a traumatic event is a life-defining moment but we all have the choice on how that moment defines us.


My own personal experience with trauma has started me on a lifelong journey to help others who have survived their own traumatic event and want to move forward and thrive in their lives.  I’ve sought help from a counselor, applied many of the principles and techniques I know advocate, and surrounded myself with loving and supportive people.


This journey has helped me find my purpose as a trauma counselor and deciding to focus on helping others who have experienced their own trauma learn to thrive again.


Specifically leading me to be a sexual assault and domestic violence advocate as I worked towards completing my Masters in Social Work.


As a Psychotherapist and Certified Trauma Professional, I help individuals gain a better connection to the skills and strength they inherently have.  Together we work towards bringing those amazing qualities out of them so they can thrive.


Using clinically tested and evidenced-based interventions, I focus on you and where you're currently at. I work with you on helping regain your confidence in yourself, getting your power back, and making sure you can live your best life without the past holding you back.


I take a whole person, holistic approach to healing using a range of techniques and practices to ensure the most effective path to healing for you.  No two journeys are the same, therefore I combine elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and relaxation techniques, Reprocessing strategies, Solution-focused, and strengths-based approaches.

Fun Facts

Bicycling in the Woods
Avid Adventurer

I love being outdoors and enjoying all of the great places to explore in the Fox Valley and Wisconsin.  Whether it's a hike with my kids or sitting by the water, I try to be outdoors as much as I can.

lavendar isle 2018.jpg
Amateur Artist

From photography to painting, I love being able to express my creative side whenever I can.  When I can't be creative I enjoy getting lost in the melodies of some old school R&B or jam out to Paramore, Lady Gaga, and Halestrom.

katie food.png
Chef Extraordinaire

Cooking is a big passion of mine and I love a great home cooked dinner with my family.  From Eggs Benedict to Beef Wellington I love trying any recipe!

 Jean Meissner, LPC

Welcome Jean! Jean is currently accepting UMR, UHC, Health Partners and Medicaid insured clients. More information coming soon.

Meet Nala

aka Beans

Beans is my little fur baby, cuddle bug, and blanket thief.  I am a crazy dog mom and super proud of it.

She absolutely loves bananas and carrots and will bug you incessantly if she knows you have them.


I'm hoping to train her as a therapy dog so she just might be in your next session.