Response to Covid-19


**For the foreseeable future all sessions will be held online via a secure video platform. If you have questions, please contact me. If you'd like some coping skill information for navigating Covid-19, please click here.**



To make it easier to schedule your appointment we've incorporated online scheduling into Purple Lotus.  Simply click the Request Appointment button below.  If this is your first time you'll be asked to create your client profile. This also is how you sign back into your client portal.  


Don't worry all of your information is perfectly secure but if you'd feel more comfortable we invite you to call us at 920-543-5583.

Katie is currently accepting the following insurances: 






United Health Care 



Health Partners/Robin Health

Blue Cross Blue Shield 



Modern Health 

Jean is currently accepting the following insurances:




Health Partners






Alternatives to insurance: 

Open Path (Sliding Fee $30-$80 per session. If interested, please inquire prior to making an appointment.)

Out of Network (see FAQ for more information)

Flexible spending accounts 

Cash payment 

*Please note, we have a 24 hour cancellation and a no show policy. These missed appointments may be subject to clinical fee charges. Your appointment time is set just for you, which means it cannot be filled for someone else if missed. Please call the office if you need to cancel or reschedule, we would be happy to assist you.*


There may be times when you are unable to speak with your therapist right away. We make an effort to be available to you, however, there may be times you are unable to reach us. Clinic phones are not answered after hours or when we are not open, therefore, it may be necessary for you to use another resource available to you. If someone is not immediately available to you, please do not wait for the provider to call you back if your issue is urgent. 

If no provider is available when you call, and you feel you cannot wait for a call back, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you feel at risk of harming yourself or someone else, you must call 911 immediately. Do not wait for a provider to call you back. 

If we are not available when you call or if we don’t offer a service you need you can still get the help you may need. Below is a list of resources in your county. Please reach out for help and speak with someone. 

  • Outagamie County (920) 832-4646 

  • Winnebago County (920) 722-7707 

  • Oshkosh Crisis Intervention (920) 233-7707

  • Calumet County (920) 849-9317 

  • Oneida Tribe Crisis (920) 869-4415 

  • National Suicide Talk Line, which is 800-273-TALK. 

  • Crisis Text Line-741741-“hello” or “start”