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FAQs and Policies

Please review these policies prior to your initial consultation. Once I take you on as a client, I will send you more forms to complete within the secure client portal.


Our session costs run between $175-$225, depending on session type and length. 

Each therapist will provide you with a Good Faith Estimate upon request if you are choosing to use your out-of-network benefits or self-pay for sessions. We do not, and have never, "balanced billing." This means you will never pay more than what your EOB states or what your therapist has offered for self-pay rates. 


We will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you. We do not control how much your insurance company will pay for your session. Please call the member service number on your insurance card to verify your insurance prior to your session. Provide them with your therapist's name and ask if they are in network, and find out your benefits for mental health services. If your insurance company denies coverage or fails to issue a payment, you are fully responsible for payment of services.Not all therapists in this practice accept the same insurance plans. This stresses the importance of verifying benefits. 

We also will bill out of network benefits as a courtesy to you. 

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