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Lotus Flower

A lotus seed begins its journey in the mud of a pond. As it grows, it reaches for the sun and blooms with radiance.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma can feel like being stuck in the mud at the bottom of a murky pond but with help, you too can radiate into the sun. 

Trauma is any event that causes someone to think “the world is no longer a safe place.” Those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) are affected with symptoms on a daily basis long after the event has subsided.


Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event(s). This event can be physical or psychological. Trauma can be prolonged, such as physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse in an adult relationship or can be a singular event, such as witnessing a car wreck. The brain interprets these events as trauma, which can impact our mental health.


All traumatic experiences involve some sort of threat to our physical, emotional, and/or psychological safety and its damage is held in our bodies.  There is no neat and clean definition of trauma and you should never try to minimize your own experience because you might think, “This isn’t as bad as what someone else went through.”


The time after we experience trauma can feel much like living in the depths of a murky pond.  Your world is dark and cloudy, everything around you seems bleak and nothing is in focus anymore.  Trying to move or do anything is slow and difficult, it may feel like every step we take requires maximum effort.

Rising From The Murky Waters

How We Can Help

Facing a trauma that’s happened in your past can be an incredibly difficult experience.  Much like being at the bottom of a murky pond, you might feel stuck in the sand, looking up only to see darkness.  Depending on the trauma it can seem an insurmountable task, leaving a person feeling hopeless, lost like they’re never going to feel like themselves again.

This is all totally normal and ok!

We understand that asking for help is a difficult first step so I want to congratulate you on getting this far.  You’re braver and stronger than you know and we want to help you see that too.

We’re committed to helping you, just as you are, with no judgments.  Using a holistic, whole person-centered approach to healing we’re going to integrate the mind, body, and spirit so you can grow into the beautiful and strong individual that you are.

Just like the Lotus rises out of murky waters to bloom with a radiance we can help you rise above your trauma.

Individual Psychotherapy

One on one talk therapy designed to help you through whatever you're struggling with.  We'll develop goals specific to helping you thrive.  From there we'll explore different interventions, techniques, habits, and new behaviors to help you reach those goals.

Trauma-Focused Psychotherapy

This is a more specific approach tailored toward helping you overcome trauma.  In trauma-focused therapy we'll use more specific techniques, like Forward Facing Trauma Therapy, to help you break through the murky waters and learn to thrive again.

Online Psychotherapy

New to Purple Lotus Counseling, online psychotherapy is now available. Why online therapy? Because life is busy and messy and it's hard to fit in our much needed time to ourselves. You get to skip sitting in traffic or canceling appointments due to illness for fear of getting others sick. From the comfort of your own home, you can get assistance with the things that matter to you.

Now offering Tele-Mental Health Services 

Finding The Right Nutrients

An Integrative Approch

Using a progressive form of psychotherapy called Integrative Therapy we adapt the treatment to your individual needs.  No two journeys are the same so we would never try to fit you into one form of treatment or another.


Much like the lotus needs different nutrients to grow people need multiple elements in a successful treatment plan as well.  From mindfulness to meditation practices and CBT to reprocessing strategies.


You are the expert of your life.  No one else, including me, knows it better than you.  My job is to be your guide. To help you along the path you choose, building your own strengths, and ultimately find balance.


We’re open to exploring whatever methods you think will help, teaching you to find the best nutrients to help you thrive.  


We want you to feel comfortable bringing whatever you need to into your session, whether it’s crystals, essential oils, or your favorite stuffed animal or keepsake.  Anything that’s important in your life can be helpful on your journey of growth.

Finding The Right Amount Of Sun

Finding the right therapist is a lot like finding the right amount of sun for a Lotus Flower to grow.  Just like the Lotus, we cannot grow if we’re placed in the wrong environment, too much or too little sun will make the journey of growth impossible.


This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the flower, or you, it just means the environment must change.  Finding the right therapist is a lot like finding the right amount of sun and just because you’ve seen one or a dozen other therapists that haven’t been able to give you the help you needed doesn’t mean therapy doesn’t work.


It is always my goal, and hope, to provide exactly the right environment for you and why I use a wide variety of techniques and solutions to ensure you have just the right amount of sun to thrive.


Let's Talk

If you're ready to start your journey out of the murky depths and back into the light I'd like to invite you to request an appointment with me.

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